Why Do I Need to Wear a Faja?

Colombian Faja and BBL pillow 


Why do I need to wear a Faja?

Post-surgical compression garments include fajas, abdominal binders, waist trainers, and waist wraps. These post-surgical compression garments are very crucial for recovery.  They can aid in speeding up recovery and shortening the post op period. 


Below are FIVE of the many benefits gained by wearing a faja or other post-surgical compression garment.


  1. Improved Blood Circulation

DVT (deep vein thrombosis) also referred to as a blood clot can be a fatal post op complication.  Non-lethal blood clots pose a risk to lower extremity blood circulation.  However, compression garments improve your circulation and thus reduce the risks of blood clots.  Additionally, wearing compression socks during and after surgery has been shown to reduce the risk of blood clots.  Often times, patients are placed in compression socks in the OR before surgery.  Their usage is highly recommended by surgeons.


  1. Protection of the Incisions

Compression garments serve as an external layer to protect the incision made by the surgeon.  Typically, these incisions are covered with gauze, bandages, or tape.  Fajas serve as an additional layer to prevent exposure to the elements.  They also provide an additional layer of padding in case of unexpected bumps or trauma.


  1. Reduction of Pain

The pressure applied by fajas help to reduce the pain from liposuction.  Compression garments also help reduce post op muscle strain when you sneeze or cough.  This is especially important after undergoing an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.


  1. Proper Body Contouring: Hour Glass Figure

The compression from a properly fitted faja or waist trainer ensures that the body contours in an hour glass shape during the healing stages.  It is important that the waist is cinched in while avoiding excessive compression in the hip and buttock region.  This avoids compression in the areas of transferred fat. 


  1. Reduction in Seroma Formation

A seroma is a fluid collection that can form after having liposuction.  The fluid forms in the areas where fat was removed.  With the proper garment this area is compressed and fluid build-up is avoided.  Adding abdominal boards, lumbar boards, and lumbar pads under the compression garment gives additional support, contouring, and aid in eliminating seroma formation.


Additional benefits include reduction in inflammation, reduction in bruise formation, reduction in hemorrhage, and improved back posture. 


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