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Alisha Jefferson Elias Recovery

Welcome to Elias Recovery, where we specialize in providing top-quality fajas and post-op recovery supplies to support your journey towards feeling and looking your best. Founded in 2021 by Dr. Alisha Jefferson, a dedicated cosmetic surgeon and mother of three, Elias Recovery is a culmination of personal experience, professional expertise, and a deep commitment to patient care.

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jefferson recognized the critical importance of high-quality medical-grade compression garments for post-operative recovery. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother and a medical professional, she understands firsthand the significance of proper support and care during the recovery process. It was this understanding that drove her to establish Elias Recovery, ensuring that her patients and clients have access to the very best in post-op support.

Dr. Jefferson's journey with fajas began during her own postpartum recovery, where she discovered the remarkable effectiveness of Colombian fajas in aiding the body's natural healing processes. Impressed by their efficacy and quality, she personally designed and curated the selection of fajas available at Elias Recovery. Not content with mere endorsement, Dr. Jefferson went a step further, wearing the stage 2 fajas for an entire year before making the brand available for purchase. This hands-on approach underscores her unwavering commitment to excellence and ensures that every faja offered by Elias Recovery meets the highest standards of performance and comfort.

The name "Elias Recovery" holds a special significance, as it was chosen to honor Dr. Jefferson's daughters. By naming the company after them, she sought to instill a sense of pride and empowerment, allowing her daughters to see their names associated with a brand dedicated to helping others look and feel their best.

At Elias Recovery, we believe that every individual deserves the best possible support on their journey to recovery and self-improvement. Whether you're undergoing cosmetic surgery, postpartum recovery, or simply seeking to enhance your well-being, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Elias Recovery. We look forward to being a part of your journey towards a happier, healthier you.

Warm regards,
Alisha Jefferson, MD FACS FAACS
Founder, Elias Recovery